Welcome to Wisdom’s Sanctuary!

I give my blog page that title because it is a desire for Wisdom that helped me get closer to my true self.  Authenticity is what we seek for deep down and sometimes we attempt to express that by letting our minds speak. It is the exact purpose of my blog and I hope you find authenticity in your life as well.

Just a little bit about me, my name is John Paul. I am a seminarian, studying to be a Roman Catholic priest for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. This will probably explain why most of the things I post here is about what they’re about.

A lot of things influenced my personal choice of pursuing this path of life, especially with how I let those things influenced me, ranging from Philosophy, Theology, History, Sociology, Literature, Anthropology, Pop Culture, personal events, etc. May you all enjoy around here!

Now with you is Wisdom, who knows your works and was present when you made the world; Who understands what is pleasing in your eyes and what is comfortable with your commands. Send her forth from you holy heavens and from your glorious throne dispatch her that she may be with me and work with me, for she knows and understands all things, and will guide me prudently in my affairs” – Wisdom 9:9-11

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